Who we are

Founded in 2018, Loyalty Fox has always been on its toes to ensure that our customers get and pass on nothing but the very best. Our vast cross-sectoral experience ensures that you get the best omnichannel loyalty programs for premium customer engagement and employee & channel partner retention.

We don't follow the bandwagon

Through extensive research and best-in-class Machine Learning capabilities, Loyalty Fox devises personalised solutions that are an absolute bang for the buck. Ditch the cookie-cutter approaches and earn the industry relevance, customer retention and employee engagement you deserve with us.

Guaranteed customer retention

Our intuitive loyalty solutions guarantee repeat sales and our omnichannel availability will make the process effortless. Get more referrals and make the existing customers your “brand promoters” with us.

Extended business hours

At Loyalty Fox, our focus is to foremost develop solutions which aid in the optimization of cost for all of your stakeholders and that produce measurable results . Our instant reward solutions provide a sure-fire way of boosting your sales by upto 50%.. Besides, you can keep a check on the ROI generated from our marketing campaigns

Our loyalty programs have led to phenomenal customer retention for a host of brands. What’s holding you back? Your brand could be the next one on the list!