What we do

The horizon of Loyalty Fox encompasses customer loyalty programs, employee rewards and recognition programs and channel loyalty programs. 80% of your profits rely on 20% of your customers. Channel loyalty programs go way beyond monetary incentives.

Tangible measures for intangible connections

Through each of these, our mission is to provide the best-in-class tangible ROI. Our intuitive and omnichannel loyalty solutions provide instant gratifications and are extremely easy to use. Because of their sheer simplicity and incredible perceived value, they are successful in building an emotional connection which acts as the backbone of a business. We provide intangible results through tangible metrics.

The Process


After a detailed analysis of the aspirations of your target audience and the current market dynamics, we design a well-informed and researched loyalty program which has omnichannel availability.


Further, we understand the vitality of engaging in constant customer interactions. Our instant rewards are the best way to provide a personalized experience to your target audience.


Finally, we analyze the customer behaviour and understand the factors which drive the ROI for an organization. Due to our detailed market research at every single step, we leave no stone unturned in performing the best corrective measures.