Loyalty Solutions

We understand that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. And the fact that retention is more efficient than acquiring new customers.

Point based Loyalty Solutions

Every time your customers hit the payment button, they will earn points. Our product catalogue is beautifully vivid and is perfect for pampering your customers. They can redeem their earned points through either wallet money or cards.

Event based Loyalty Solutions

Word of mouth is the best promotion. Every time your loyal friends rave about just how much they love shopping at your store, via either positive product reviews, store check-ins or social shares, we give them a return gift.

Cashback Programs

Be it enterprises or customers - if there is one thing that all of us strive towards, it is savings. Cashback programs are the shortest and surest route to the same, and so are discounts and promotion coupons.

Email and Social Media

Our emails have an opening rate that you can rely on. Our social media expertise and creative ideation will magnetize even the most dormant of your customers.

Experience based Loyalty Solutions

We think out-of-the-box to provide rewards that truly matter. We don’t just stick to the basics but go above and beyond to include benefits like sponsored trips to emphasize a personal connection with your stakeholders. Our Machine Learning capabilities aid us in tracking down the customer history and devising solutions that your stakeholders are bound to fall in love with.

Customer Loyalty Programs

The intuitive loyalty solutions of Loyalty Fox are designed to keep your “brand promoters” hooked for good. At a six times lesser amount than what is utilized while getting new customers on board, you will be able to gain excellent repeat sales, build credibility and retain your customers . Run a dynamic real-time program by integrating your POS system, website or mobile app with our Foxtrot loyalty engine.

Higher customer retention

The highly intuitive customer loyalty programs of Loyalty Fox ensure that your loyal customers stay with you in the long run. Trust us to allow them to trust you.

Repeat sales generate more earnings

Do you know that your loyal customers will spend 18% more than your newer ones? Yes, it is a win-win situation. Retention is more economical than newer conversion and comes with bulk sales too.

Enhanced customer affinity

Our Machine Learning capabilities and an adept market research team tracks down the entire buyer’s persona and customer’s journey throughout the sales funnel. The resultant loyalty programs are highly targeted and make your stakeholders feel cared for. Thus, their affinity for your brand increases by leaps and bounds and they become your 24*7 salespersons.


Instant rewards provide an opportunity to personalize conveniently. By tracking the customer’s history and integrating instant rewards, we offer unmatched experiences which lead to a deep personal connection. Can there be a better way of ensuring loyalty? We doubt it!

Channel Loyalty Programs

Channel loyalty programs have a long drawn history of hit and miss. But with us, you will attain success every single time. Our value-driven loyalty programs, transparent two-way communication and personalized incentives preserve and promote your golden assets.

Encouraging and incentivizing your stakeholders

Our smart loyalty solutions incorporate features like geo-tagging and feedback surveys to ensure that you stay in the loop. You can encourage, motivate, engage and reward all the members of your supply chain – dealers, wholesalers, agents and more.

Transforming connections from transactional to emotional.

To transform relationships from transactional to emotional, it is crucial to recognize the aspirations of your channel partners. Through Machine Learning and in-depth research, our Foxtrot Loyalty Engine builds trends to establish the offers that your partners will love.

Unparalleled ease of usage.

Loyalty Fox’s intuitive solutions are guaranteed to boost productivity and reduce costs. We cut down on logistics costs by way of instant reward provisions and on external training costs through our user-friendliness.

Bank on the right influencers

Our Foxtrot Loyalty Engine can analyse and recognize the right influencers for your platform through market studying and benchmarking. Incentivizing the right set of key drivers can be a game-changer. Thus, we employ new-age reward solutions and data-backed approaches to ensure a seamless experience.

Employee recognition and rewards

4.7 was the Employee Happiness Index at Loyalty Fox. We are a bunch of passionate and zealous experts who wake up every single day to bring a difference to our field. This commitment shines through our solutions too. We practice what we preach so you can be assured that the employee recognition solutions of Loyalty Fox will act as a launchpad for phenomenal employee engagement and healthy competition in your organization.

Measure performance, reward & recognition instantly

Performance tracking and monitoring are pertinent while managing your workforce. Stay in the loop by managing hierarchies, checking work schedules, having each other’s back and even wishing on birthdays to build connections that will last a lifetime. We bring in the element of fun even in the most hectic of jobs through the gamification of rewards campaigns.

Result oriented

We recognize and appreciate the unique demands of your employees and then conduct market research to set you a class apart from the rest. We believe in constantly taking corrective actions for the most optimum results. Our intuitive loyalty solutions bring forth an element of personalization that is bound to boost your employee retention rate.