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loyalty program

Run omnichannel and personalised channel loyalty programs to 
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Onboard the power of robust technology and smart solutions to revolutionise customer experiences

  • Run effective point-based campaigns for your stakeholders.
  • Advanced API integration with all third-party and front-end applications.
  • Self-configurable and no-tech dependency platform.
  • Secured with AWS security.
  • A multilingual platform to target audiences in multiple countries.

Ignite motivation and action among your channel
partners with our custom channel loyalty program

Easy to integrate, flexible, powerful and effective
employee reward and recognition plateform

Easy campaign mangement system for
executing personalised campaigns

Turn the collected data into insights and improve your
ROI with our customized reporting tool

Drive your business growth by emotional connection with your customers with our personalised solutions

Challenges faced in a channel loyalty program

Database Management

Limited Engagement


Missing Instant Gratification

Lack of Emotional Loyalty Goals

Complex Program Structure

Expensive Set-up Cost

Lack of Differentiation

Unlock the full potential of your business partnerships with our channel loyalty program.

Empower your business with our innovative
solutions for success

Robust technology

Seamlessly integrate your existing POS/ERP with our loyalty engine on a single stage. Our cloud-based technology (SaaS) allows you to run point-based, cashback and offer based campaigns with ease. Also, you can issue welcome points, manage point expiration and run tier/ milestone-based campaigns. Finally, we give you the flexibility to view well-organized and secure data that truly matters to you through our customizable data dashboard.

Data management and analytics

Segment your customer database to administrate it better. Enjoy the ease of in-depth data analytics containing customer segmentation, KPI insights, campaign management and reward preferences on a real-time dashboard.

Customised services

We understand that no same solution works for all businesses! This is why we present you with a custom loyalty program that you can personalise as per your requirement. You can run a subscription-based program, points program, Cashback program, or tier-based program based on your business model. You are empowered to automate all the factors of your loyalty program, be it redemption, expiry, downgrade or upgrade.

Wide reward options

Pamper your stakeholders by letting them choose from more than 1500+ products from premium brands. Reward your customers for taking part in surveys, and providing feedback or referrals to keep them connected to your brand. You can also automate the rewarding process with our easy-to-use API.

Marketing campaigns

Turn a broad base of leads into a hot conversion pool quickly through our campaign automation. Our campaign management system allows you to run multiple campaigns simultaneously to reach different stakeholders and let your adept marketing team focus on tasks that are more pressing than the day-to-day challenges to beat the competition.

Omnichannel communication

At LoyaltyFox, we provide an omnichannel loyalty program to reach your target audience and give them a coherent experience. Our platform helps your stakeholders provide convenient and hyper-personalised shopping experiences at every step of your customer’s journey

Ready to take your loyalty program to the next level?
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Engage with customers like never before!

Emotional connection

Create long-lasting relationships with customers by building an emotional connection with them.


Prioritise recognition and reward for channel partners to acknowledge their dedication and hard work.


Ensure that your stakeholders are rewarded sufficiently with our wide range of rewards to keep them engaged.

Design a customised loyalty program for your

Improve your customer retention with our personalised campaigns. Understand users’ behaviour and demographic data by leveraging user profiles and running targeted campaigns which are 100% behaviour driven.

  1. Higher customer retention
  2. Repeat sales generate more earnings
  3. Enhanced customer affinity
  4. Personalisation

Channel loyalty programs have a long-drawn history of hit and miss. But with us, you will attain success every single time. Our value-driven loyalty programs, transparent two-way communication and personalised incentives preserve and promote your golden assets.

  1. Encourage and incentivize your stakeholders
  2. Transform connections from transactional to emotional
  3. Unparalleled ease of usage
  4. Bank on the right influencers

Automate the whole employee loyalty program and reward process with our robust rewards platform. Celebrate your employee’s efforts and let them thrive in a work environment where they are valued every day.

  1. Measure performance. Reward & recognition instantly
  2. Result oriented

Supercharge your loyalty program with the
latest and low-cost technology setup