Our Expertise

We develop loyalty programs for all stakeholders, we know that retention is more efficient than acquiring new customers. Our employee loyalty services enable you to launch cost effective programs. Our aim for channel loyalty is to transform a purely transactional relationship between a brand and its trade partners into a more emotional relationship.

Customer Loyalty Programs

The intuitive loyalty solutions of Loyalty Fox are designed to keep your “brand promoters” hooked for good. At a six times lesser amount than what is utilized while getting new customers on board, you will be able to gain excellent repeat sales, build credibility and retain your customers . Run a dynamic real-time program by integrating your POS system, website or mobile app with our Foxtrot loyalty engine.

Channel Loyalty Programs

Channel loyalty programs have a long drawn history of hit and miss. But with us, you will attain success every single time. Our value-driven loyalty programs, transparent two-way communication and personalized incentives preserve and promote your golden assets

Employee Rewards and Recognition

4.7 was the Employee Happiness Index at Loyalty Fox. We are a bunch of passionate and zealous experts who wake up every single day to bring a difference to our field. This commitment shines through our solutions too. We practice what we preach so you can be assured that the employee recognition solutions of Loyalty Fox will act as a launchpad for phenomenal employee engagement and healthy competition in your organization.


Our e-vouchers are as easy to acquire and redeem as the tried and tested way of debit and credit cards. On the other hand, these e-rewards broaden the horizon of merchants.


Our Foxtrot Loyalty Engine seamlessly integrates with POS systems on one single stage. It can be hosted on AWS and doesn’t require the installation of any external software. Loyalty Fox functions on a cloud based mechanism and thus come what may we perform our very best

About Us

At Loyalty Fox, it is our job to devise loyalty programs that help you reach, recognise, reward and retain your best employees, customers and channel partners. Instantly.

What goes into making a Successful Loyalty Program?

Detailed Analysis and
Program Design

Customer Interactions and
Instant rewards

Behavioural Analysis and
Corrective Measures


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