Effective Voucher Campaigns That You Need To Know

gift voucher campaigns

Customers love to be pampered with discounts and offers from their favourite brands. You’ll be surprised to know that 39% of customers spend approximately 2 hours to find the best deals and coupons.

So, what will be a better way to engage customers than giving them what they are looking for?

This makes gift voucher campaigns an effective idea to keep your customers happy and generate sales at the same time. Here, let’s discuss what are gift voucher campaigns, how these campaigns work and why a brand must implement gift card campaigns.

Basics First, What Are Gift Vouchers Campaigns?

In simple terms, in a gift voucher campaign, you will have to gift an e-voucher to your existing or potential customers when they achieve a milestone or perform an action. For instance, to motivate your potential customers to sign up on your platform, you can offer them a free voucher. Other than that, you can also give a free gift voucher to your inactive customers to motivate them to interact with your brand again. 

You can run a gift card campaign for multiple reasons including increasing employee engagement, offering channel incentives, running customer loyalty programs and more. Also, know that you can now run successful marketing campaigns and contests with gift vouchers at minimal costs with LoyaltyFox. Book your bulk gift vouchers order and save up to 40% on 180+ top brands. 

Moving On, What Are The Benefits Of Gift Voucher Campaigns?

Not only does a gift voucher campaign help you engage your stakeholders, but it also helps you acquire, win back and retain them. Here are all the reasons why running a gift voucher campaign is worth it!

  • Gain Customers: A gift card campaign can help you promote your brand among new customers and motivate them to try your products and services. This is a great way to entice customers, especially the ones looking for a brand to stay loyal to. 
  • Drive Revenue: As we have discussed, a gift voucher campaign can help you engage, retain, and acquire new customers. This steady stream of customers will eventually increase your sales and drive revenue. You can also run campaigns for your channel partners and employees and give them corporate gift vouchers to encourage them to work harder for your firm. 
  • Increase the cart’s size: Imagine you are given a gift voucher every time you make a purchase of 2000 INR. Will you add products worth 2000 to your cart? Most people will! This is how a gift card campaign can also prove to be a cart booster for you. When achievable and certain rules are set for the usage of gift vouchers, it can help you increase the overall value of the cart.
  • Fraud Reduction: Gift vouchers are personalised and can be used only once because of the validation rules, it helps brands combat fraud.
  • Increase Impulse Buys: Shoppers choose to make an additional purchase especially when they know that their amount will be covered in the amount of a gift voucher.

Effective Voucher Campaigns You Can Not Miss

A strong campaign strategy can impact every step of the customer journey from acquisition to retention. If you are not sure which voucher campaign will be right for your business, we have got some ideas for you that you can get inspired from.

Welcome Campaigns

These voucher campaigns are instrumental for a brand when it comes to customer acquisition. You can make the right first impression on your potential customers by giving them a gift voucher for signing up or making their first purchase on your website. Also, you can create a sense of urgency by making it a limited-period offer.

Moreover, to make sure that unique customers are signing in every time, you can match the customer’s email address or assign a code to his profile.

Abandoned Cart Gift Voucher Campaigns

An abandoned cart is the ultimate heartbreaker for a business, especially when you are unaware of the reason why a customer didn’t make a purchase. Fortunately, there is still a chance to re-engage your customers and win them back. In your gift voucher campaign, you need to make your customer remember the products available in their abandoned cart. You can send them a gift voucher for a product available in their wishlist to increase the overall value of their cart. 

To ensure that no customer makes inappropriate use of the system and avails discounts in exchange for an abandoned cart, you can make the gift voucher usage limited to once per customer.

Anniversary and Birthday Campaigns

Customers are always more inclined towards brands which try to connect with them emotionally and become a part of their special days. Running anniversary and birthday campaigns helps you make your customers realise how important they are to you. You can send a gift voucher for their favourite product with a personalised message instantly.  Such instant gratification helps brands build an emotional connection with their customers. 

Leverage data analysis, reports and transaction history of your customers to understand more about the preferences of your customers. You can decide the voucher value according to the customer’s lifetime value. This will help you give better offers to your most valued customers.

Purchase Frequency Campaigns

You can run purchase frequency voucher campaigns to drive more sales. By incentivising your customers for every purchase that they make, you can motivate them to come back and buy from you again. Another psychological method that you can apply here is to ask your customers to spend more this time to save more on the next purchase.

However, to make this whole process more strategic, you can also implement a loyalty program for your loyal customers. Different algorithms are applied to incentivise your customers on every milestone or tier they reach. In case running a loyalty program seems very overwhelming to you, you can also ask the experts at LoyaltyFox to do it for you.

Gratitude Gift Voucher Campaigns

Customers are the makers of any business and most businesses forget to acknowledge their customer’s loyalty towards their brand. This is where most businesses start losing their customers. To show how important your customers are to you, you can send them a customised email to thank them for being loyal customers and making X number of purchases. 

For instance, if a customer purchase four times in a row from your store, you can give them a gift voucher for the next purchase. However, ensure that you are targeting only loyal customers in this campaign.

Flash Sales

One of the highly-converting and popular types of voucher promotions is flash sales. It helps you attract potential customers in a market with similar offers. These time-limited e-voucher campaigns can highly affect the purchase decision of your customers. For instance, you can launch a weekend sale for your Delhi customers.

One thing that you need to know here is that one can take over such coupon sales easily. Therefore, make sure to restrict it to a certain order amount, a particular customer segment and locations.

Product Launch Gift Voucher Campaigns

Is your company launching a new product? How are you planning to spread awareness about the new product? 

Well, a product launch voucher campaign is all you need. Offer your customers a pre-launch voucher or a special voucher on limited items for a limited time. You can also personalise the campaign by offering the pre-launch voucher only to your most valued or best customers. 

To ensure the success of this campaign, you need to keep some exclusivity. Also, keep the offer limited in terms of time and people. 

Feedback Campaigns

Word-of-mouth is still an authoritative marketing tool. Customers also trust brands which have positive and original customer reviews. Keeping that in mind, you can run a feedback gift voucher campaign and give a gift voucher to customers who provide their valuable feedback. Send your customers a follow-up email to collect their feedback.

You will have to mention the minimum characters of the feedback so that no one can get a gift voucher only for one-word feedback. Similarly, block all the profiles from giving feedback more than once. 

Everyone loves discounts which makes it the perfect way to acquire and engage customers. These are some of the effective gift voucher campaigns that you can use to run promotions for your business and drive revenue.

However,  you can take inspiration from these campaigns and come up with the best campaign for your business. In case you are confused between all the available options, you can always reach out to experts at LoyaltyFox. We’ll help you design and run a successful campaign to increase your customer base and sales.

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