Data management
and Analytics

At LoyaltyFox, every campaign or program is strictly reviewed with a focus towards optimization. Needless to say, reports also help us prove the ROI of campaigns to our clients upfront. More importantly, however, performance on metrics act as benchmarks for us to continuously re-engineer the program.

Providing Better ROI

Providing better ROI lies at the heart of Loyalty Fox. We study the program, campaign and redemption reports critically to re-engineer the program, perform corrective measures and provide the best results overall..

Seamlessly Boost your Conversion rate

Our seamless integration guarantees to boost your customer conversion rate. To prove the same, we provide you easy access to in-depth data analytics reports containing customer segmentation, KPI insights, campaign management and reward tiers on one single customizable platform.

Higher Customer Engagement with our Loyalty Program

Sit back and relax as we choose the ideal time, offer and channel to keep your customer engagement at an all-time high through the Machine Learning capabilities of our Foxtrot Loyalty Engine. You are empowered to automate all the factors of your loyalty program, be it redemption, expiry, downgrade or upgrade.