How E-Gift Cards Make A Loyalty Program Spectacular?

e-gift-card and loyalty programs

From soaring gas prices to the recession, everything has increased customer volatility to higher levels. Customers these days have become the ultimate hoppers and are most likely to switch to a brand that offers them better deals.  This has led companies to rethink their reward model. They need to put their best foot forward to […]

Why Do Loyalty Programs Fail? Here’s How It Can Be Fixed


Approximately 90% of companies use a loyalty program to retain their existing customers and channel partners but unfortunately, 77% of them fail. For the success of B2B businesses, winning your channel partners’ loyalty is crucial. This can be achieved with the help of an effective loyalty program.  However, not every program works for every business […]

Effective Voucher Campaigns That You Need To Know

gift voucher campaigns

Customers love to be pampered with discounts and offers from their favourite brands. You’ll be surprised to know that 39% of customers spend approximately 2 hours to find the best deals and coupons. So, what will be a better way to engage customers than giving them what they are looking for? This makes gift voucher […]


loyalty programs for beginners

When 79% of customers say that loyalty programs encourage them to stick with one store and 70% of Millennials appreciate the value of such programs ( The Loyalty Report by Bond), we know how important Customer Loyalty programs are in today’s age and time. While they promise high return on investment, they allow you to […]

Chemistry of Indian Consumers & loyalty programs

In today’s world of the digital revolution, consumers are flush with choice and conditioned to expect immediate service and seamless interactions. Even though India has been one of the favorites for most brands globally, keeping pace with its diverse strata of society coupled with a gigantic population is a different level challenge altogether. Establishing loyalty […]


Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. Each customer is called a tenant. In this way, a software application in a multi-tenant architecture can share a dedicated instance of configurations, data, user management and other properties. The concept of multitenancy dates to the 1960s, when companies […]