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Amplify your brand’s performance with our ROI and growth-driven marketing strategies. We help you devise effective Retention Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies to drive growth and get repeat business

From acquisition to retention,LoyaltyFox has got you!

Channel loyalty programs

We help you build credibility and sustain partner relationships ten times more than a regular channel incentive program.

Customer loyalty programs

Keep your “brand promoters” hooked for good! At six times the lesser amount than what is utilized while getting new customers on board.

Employee Reward & Recognition

LoyaltyFox will act as a launchpad for phenomenal employee engagement and healthy competition in your organization.


Our holistic strategies can help you increase your brand's online visibility, improve your website's ranking and generate additional revenue.


Who doesn't like higher ROI? Generate 40% more leads and watch your sales graphs skyrocketed.

Content Writing

Leverage the power of content to increase brand awareness, bring organic traffic to your website and improve search engine ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Become a thought leader through our social media strategies and lively customer engagement campaigns. Surge your brand awareness and engage with your audience like never before.

e-gift Vouchers

Instantly gratify your customers, channel partners and employees with our extensive e-voucher offerings. Get to choose from a catalogue of more than 200 brands and incentivise your stakeholders on special occasions, reward and recognise your channel partners & employees. Delight your customers upon completing a survey or participating in a campaign. You can never go wrong with gifting an e-voucher.

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Get assured results with our holistic programs

Incremental sales
Exponentially increase your sales by maintaining a steady flow of new customers and retaining existing ones via loyalty programs and digital marketing services.
Engaged customer base
Engaged customers are most likely to make repeat purchase and can even contribute up to 23% to your business revenue.
Cost savings on rewards
We know you love discounts! You can now get up to 30% off on our e-vouchers and give your stakeholders the power to choose a gift of their choice from more than 200 brands.
Cost savings on marketing
LoyaltyFox strives to give you desired results at low costs that fit every pocket. We help you create the perfect balance between your marketing and retention budgets with our smart solutions!
Customer acquisition
Acquire new customers and improve profits by elevating your brand awareness through our comprehensive digital marketing services.
Brand advocacy
Increase your business profitability by up to 75% by retaining your customers. Enhance the user experience by fractionating your campaign’s performance data and running personalised campaigns to convert them into brand advocates.
Win-back customers
Activate your dormant customers by catering to what they actually expect from your brand. Analyse and understand their behaviour and ultimately win them back with appropriate reactivation campaigns.
Generate referrals
Word of mouth is still dominant in turning your customer's purchase decisions in your favour. At LoyaltyFox, we help you generate assured referrals and grow your revenue at minimal advertising costs.

Leverage the knowledge of our experts to boost your
brand’s image and build customer advocacy!

How LoyaltyFox helps you?

The average human attention span is 8 seconds. Gamification introduces gaming elements in a non-gaming context to boost stakeholder engagement. Can you afford to miss out?
Develop an emotional connection with your customers by offering them personalised experiences and content that they want to see.
Milestone-based rewards
Let your employees and customers know that they are valued by rewarding them for every milestone they achieve with your brand.
Detailed data analysis
Make informed marketing strategies with detailed insights for that perfect campaign. Don't miss any key customer trends related to your industry which you can incorporate into your marketing plan.
Omnichannel experience
Give your customers an ultimate omnichannel brand experience by reaching out to them through multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Email, SMS and offline.
Surveys and feedback
Your customers' opinions matter! With periodic customer feedback and surveys, we collect information to optimise your existing and upcoming campaigns.
Tier-based programs
Run strategic tier-based loyalty programs to motivate your customers, channel partners and employees, to reach higher tiers and generate repeat sales.




There's something for everyone!

Transform your customer experience with omnichannel solutions! Connect with your customers seamlessly across all channels – web-based, mobile and offline. Provide a consistent, personalised experience that builds trust and loyalty. With our omnichannel expertise, you can deliver the seamless experience your customers expect.

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About Us

A team of smart marketers!

Founded in 2018, LoyaltyFox has always been on its toes to ensure that our customers get and pass on nothing but the best.

LoyaltyFox works towards the brand’s overall growth by offering a range of retention marketing and digital marketing services. Our state-in-art technology enables us to analyse consumer behaviours and preferences to run hyper-personalised campaigns.

Moreover, our omnichannel engagement platform provides a seamless way to interact with your customers and channel partners. Also, we help you run social media, email marketing and PPC ads to increase brand awareness and generate quality digital leads.

Our Mission

At LoyaltyFox, we aim towards the holistic growth of your business by helping you retain and acquire new customers through loyalty and marketing campaigns respectively.


  • We are one
  • We are passionate
  • We are innovative

Our Delivery Promise

  • Experiences that produce measurable results
  • Unwavering commitment to succeed
  • Cost-effective solutions

Our Vision

To help businesses grow by acquiring new and retaining existing customers

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